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To invent something new, sometimes you have to go back to the basics. Consumer51 was founded in 2011, driven by an inspiration to rescue marketing from jargon, complexity, and content misaligned with consumer behavior. We saw how often marketing initiatives were hijacked by process, politics, and self interest.

“Shouldn’t marketing always be focused on the consumer?” We asked. It’s a simple premise, really — marketing 101, but so often forgotten.

Consumer51 is a brand that reminds us that the consumer has the power. We, as consumers, make and break companies, trends, and the next success story. Doing right by consumers is the most reliable way to grow your company. Because we all wear the consumer hat many times each day, we’re sure you can relate to the power of a positive consumer experience. Our secret is never forgetting that.

With this approach, we push you to 51% — that critical tipping point where your marketing takes on a life of its own — where your consumers can’t help but talk about your brand with friends and family.

This is the philosophy that guides everything we do. If you resonate, we’d love to hear from you!

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