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The web site you had three years ago may be looking old and tattered around the edges. Contacts might be asking why they can’t find you on Facebook. And your site may be so teeny-tiny on a mobile phone it’s impossible to read. Perhaps you need product photography for your new offerings. A site revision — or a new site all together — could be an opportunity to clarify your message, and reach more people. But where to begin? When you’re looking for web design in New Mexico, web design Santa Fe, Albuquerque, or Nationwide, we suggest you begin here!

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If your site is about a common topic, such as “landscape painting”, there may be a lot of people looking for information about that, but you will have enormous competition to turn up high in a search. However, if you have a more obscure specialty, such as “miniature landscape painting”, you’ll have much less competition, but fewer potential visitors.

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