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50% of internet users are viewing your site on a Mobile device. As of June 2015 sites that were not mobile friendly both lost and will continue to lose search engine rankings. SEO is just the beginning of Marketing Engine Optimization™ We tune your entire buyers’ journey to make it compelling and natural. – from the first search to purchase to becoming an advocate for your brand. You have to stand out these days. Search Engine Optimizaion defines any kind of optimization efforts toward your website that result in increased visibility on all search engines.

We build your brand as authoritative. By connecting with other online influencers and establishing a relationship with them, the value of your brand and identity increases with Social Media Marketing. A systematic approach to establishing a Digital Marketing plan specifically tailored for your business, budget and goals. We analyze where you are now, then set attainable goals each month. NO MORE waiting months to see results!

So how’s this accomplished? By analyzing search competitiveness, optimizing website messaging, providing powerful CTA’s, integrating captivating imagery, email campaign implementation and boost social presence by increasing followers & engagement (aka Social Media Marketing)

Knowing your customer is key when establishing a digital marketing plan for your company. Basically, providing us a means to INCREASE YOUR REVENUE! This is what excites us. We will get back to you quickly to discuss next steps…

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