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DesignFluxx, LLC

We are creators, strategists, and game-changers

Long Beach CA

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Founded in May 2011, DesignFluxx, LLC has built a strong reputation as a young, “fluxxable” agency that boldly defies the status quo. Built in the High Desert and now headquartered in Long Beach, CA – our client list includes companies from 17 states and various industries – spanning coast to coast.

Make customers remember you. A memorable brand identity will increase sales, drive engagement, and begin to build a loyal customer base. Increasing brand recognition increases your edge over the competition. The only way to truly define your company is through Research & Analysis. Having a unique and well-defined point of view give your a competitive advantage. We determine this position from in-depth research, competitive analysis, and direct communication with you.

Identity Design gives your business a face. Translating your company’s point of view into a visual design allows you to tell your customers exactly who you are and what you do, and building an environment and identity around the logo tells your story.

Cutting Edge Constructors & Engineers

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