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Distinct Design Company

Distinct Design Company is both high-concept and hands-on.

Cumming GA

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The world is in motion. Change is the one thing you can really count on. And though it isn’t always easy, we think change can be a good thing — an opportunity. We are not the bigger guys. The bigger guys have overhead. The bigger guys have hundreds of employees. In our experience the bigger guys will overcharge, make false promises, and leave you with nothing at the end. Distinct Design Company isn’t that company. We are small. We are agile. We take risks and try the unexpected in order to create fresh and cutting edge websites that stand out from the crowd.

At Distinct Design Company, we believe brands that embrace change, connect with culture and smartly challenge convention will win big. It just takes a belief that things can always be done a little bit better. Smarter. Stronger. Interesting-er. Our changing world requires it, and we revel in the possibilities it presents.

Distinct Design Company is both high-concept and hands-on. We make sure every brand has a strong idea at its core. We are champions of strategy, sticklers for detail and advocates for thinking like a customer. We work in close partnership with our clients. In fact, a great client once said that they chose us over many other firms because we were “the only one that listened”.

We’ve helped launch start-ups, introduce new products, prepare companies for growth, and reposition existing businesses for new opportunities. Our work across many disciplines and previous business experience has shaped a holistic approach to brand development.

Distinct Design Company
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