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Ecommerce Specialist
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For the past 10+ years I’ve worked as a web developer and PHP programmer developing web applications to solve various clients and employer’s needs. In those years I’ve been mostly a one-man operation to develop and sometimes learn new languages and programs to solve those needs. The ability to listen and understand what the client wants to accomplish and then produce that product for them is a challenging and rewarding experience that I enjoy. Working with the client to understand their workflow process, then implementing a web application that will improve the efficacy and accuracy of their work is what I strive to create.

That is just it, it is YOUR vision and eCOG Media wants to make that a reality. No one knows your business better than you and we specialize in bringing that vision and presenting it to the world. Your website is your 24/7 store front and needs to tell your customers what you are and what you can do for them. We specialize in the keys to your online marketing from websites to SEO and email marketing. We help to deliver and display your vision and message to your customers.

With years of experience from business from all types of industries we will listen to you and create you the best website to show your vision. Contact us today and let’s bring your vision to reality.

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