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Elemeno Design LLC

Elemeno Design specializes in bringing businesses online at an affordable price.

Liberty MO

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Websites are where most customers will initially interact with a business: 78% of internet users conduct product research online before going into the business. It takes only 50 milliseconds, .05 seconds, for visitors to make a judgement about your website, so it’s safe to say that the judgement will be based on how the site looks.

Your website is the heart of your digital brand. When a website is designed and developed correctly, taking into consideration your brand, sales cycle, and target audience, it does not only lay the foundation for an online brand, but is an investment that brings in new clients, establishes new sales funnels, reinforces reputation, educates the user base and ultimately becomes your best salesperson. The money that you initially invest in a website is an opportunity for business growth and will pay dividends for years to come.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not an overnight rocket ship to the top, it is a constant progression that when closely monitored will yield results. We don’t use smoke and mirrors to show results, we use a realistic and strategic approach to increasing the effectiveness and relevance of your website online.

SEO consists of creating new content on your website that is optimized and targeted towards keywords and keyphrases that people are searching for every day. These new pages become organically ranked in Google and the other search engines. Organic rankings are not paid for rankings, these are naturally ranking in the top results, and they sit there 24/7 to bring in more traffic to your website!


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