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Harbour Light Strategic Marketing

It's our job to be creative, and to see things in a different light.

Portsmouth NH

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Our ability to view the world from a unique perspective is the essence of who we are, and from which clever concepts, unexpected ideas, and effective strategies come to life.

As some guy named Jack Youngblood once said, “Good luck is the residue of preparation.” And that was way back in the last century.

So what does that have to do with us? We help you create your residue. We fertilize your fields. We make harvest time a snap. Consider us your modern day fertilizer salesman. Those customers that come streaming in? That’s your crop.

When you work with Harbour Light, you get more than just a pretty face.
We dig deep to find what makes your business special, craft a message that is meaningful, and then dig even deeper to find the customers that message resonates with.

We have experience, and lots of it. In fact, we started Harbour Light way back in the last century (’96 if you’re wondering). We know that it’s not the whiz, or the bang, or the whiz-bang, but the message that counts. Once we craft the message that resonates with your audience, we deftly place it in front of them for proper consumption, utilizing all the modern tools to reinforce it again and again.

Harbour Light Strategic Marketing
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