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We build our company one person and one business at a time.

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Our aim is to grow your productivity, increase your adeptness, help you do your job, and create an engaging place for you in the digital world. We work with passion and common sense. We believe in blueprints, not sales pitches. Most of all we believe in people. We trust our team. They are experts and smart self-starters who get things done; we just give the tools and the goals.

We seek to be thought leaders. We think with our hearts, through our brains, and into our eyes and hands. We try to work with passion and purpose, and always with you in our focus. The Millennium Group’s mission is to strive to find a way to serve our clients in a way that they need to be served.

We build our company one person and one business at a time. We strive to create a difference in how people feel about feel about themselves, not just with our products and services.

Since 1990, Andy Pizer has always run his business like his Dad ran his medical practice. House calls, good bedside manners, late night hours and humans above all things. We help people. We put them first, above technology, and focus on them as our North Star. We work to be meaningful, strategic, friendly and honorable. Few use that word anymore, ‘honorable’. We do.

We’re enthused about our staff. They are the finest and most knowledgeable we have ever had on board.

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