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Mission E Commerce, LLC

10 years working hard for businesses large and small.

Scottsdale AZ

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Mission E Commerce believes in the personal empowerment that the Internet can give groups of determined people. We are such a group. We have moved from the vision of a few to the actions of many. As a team, we have come together to accomplish the improbable; we have created an interactive marketing agency that has taken a daring place in the marketplace. Our company is a band of creative people with a fierce work ethic and an unpretentious philosophy that affects everything we do for our clients.

Projects may sound straightforward when they are introduced in caffeine-fueled meetings where brainstorming is at its finest. But once you get to the implementation stage, the project may look and feel like a completely different beast. Why? Because tons of details were left out of the initial discussion. At Mission E Commerce, we begin each project with a PKO or Project Kick-Off document, where you, the client, tell us about your specific business, your needs, your vision, other sites you like and any other details of the project that will help us.

We then break each project down into stages, divide them up among the appropriate staff members and work creatively and diligently to put them back together again. That way, we know the smallest common denominator and detailed elements of each project so that we can proudly put our stamp of quality on every phase of your project. Because of that, you will experience the devilish level of quality in everything that comes from our office. We know where the devil lives. And we have his number!

How do you know where you’re going unless you refer to your map occasionally? We provide lots of maps and signposts, if you will, along the road to the ultimate delivery of a project. Timelines, metrics, project sign-off sheets and meeting of the minds at various stages of the project help us know that everything is going just as you want it. And it’s crucial that you not just be happy – but awestruck – with the project all the way through to the end. Your approval, your buy-in, is the most important barometers of how we’re doing, and ultimately, success for everyone involved.

Mission E Commerce, LLC
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