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Oklahoma Media Group

About Home » About Background Oklahoma Media Group offers 25 years of collective experience in web site design and application development and programming

Oklahoma City OK

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We have installed more than 50 sites over the last two years, some very simple, others very complex. We have successfully completed projects ranging from $1,000 to $100,000. Our team members have completed projects that run the gamut from computer based training for Learn & Serve America and Ted’s Café Escondido, to million-dollar ecommerce and tourism sites ( and, respectively). We can write cogent and focused copy for blogs, web ads, radio and television and more. We have a thorough understanding and passion for Web 2.0 and social media, and are fluent in the latest trends in web development, such as mobile web sites and iPhone/Blackberry apps.

But lots of companies can build web sites. We are different because of the thorough planning and careful thought processes that occur before a single line of code is written. A web site can’t perform the way it is intended to perform; it can’t deliver the results you require, unless you define those desired goals before you begin. We believe a web site should be treated much like an employee: it has expectations and requirements that justify the money being spent on it. It should be held accountable for those expectations. If it’s not delivering, you need to understand why and make changes that will achieve the desired results.

We are an Oklahoma company that is woman- and Native American-owned. We are small enough to appreciate every client and give you our undivided attention, yet large and experienced enough to bring all the necessary resources for this project to the table.


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