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OSO is your full-service, one-stop shop, website development company.

Danbury CT

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Welcome to Optimum Systems Online, Inc. We are your full-service, website, digital development and production company. At Optimum Systems Online (OSO), we hope to deliver the latest, cutting-edge technology for website design, web applications, software development, hosting, IT help desk and data entry.

OSO Web Studio was established in 2008 by two friends Alexander O. and Stanislav P. After years of working as lead web developer for several marketing agencies, Alexander saw a trend of projects being delayed because of short-staffed(just not available, sick or on vacation), not skilled or simply overwhelmed with influx of projects. Together, Alexander and Stan, nurtured and formed a team of web designers, web developers, content writers and Search Engine Optimization specialists.

After a decade of experience under our belt, we enjoy our an international background with roots in both the Ukraine and the United States. Our main office is in Danbury, Connecticut. Danbury is a central location with easy access to many important population hubs like Stamford, Norwalk, Hartford, New Haven, as well as major metropolitan cities like Boston and New York City.

Heretofore, we have been helping Connecticut businesses who want to outsource their IT, add online functionality or improve their search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is an ongoing task with search engines, like Google, rewarding those websites with the most current, relevant information. Successful SEO website marketing can increase your Web traffic significantly.

Your business needs to balance its budgetary realities with a well-functioning, creative web site. Outsourcing your Information Technology (IT) to OSO can make good sense because we can add functions, as you need them. This avoids the costly investment in a full internal IT staff and allows you to focus on your core competency.

What do you need?

We know that each company has its own special digital needs. OSO is your full-service, one-stop shop, website development company. You might be starting anew and need web hosting, web support or website development. We provide all of these services.

You might have an existing site and want some web updates to make it a more responsive website. We can assist with that. We also help with mobile development and app development. Our mission is to serve any and all of your modern, digital development needs.

Many firms are outsourcing their back office Web support to save money. This also allows you to concentrate on more productive tasks. Modern customer support needs to be fast – that is what your customers demand and this is what OSO delivers.

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