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We are a team of thoughtful, collaborative web professionals.

Denver CO

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Simple is the core purpose. Simple finds the essence. Simple is easy to understand and easy to use. Complicated systems are forgotten or cast aside. A simple solution will be embraced – and lived! We strive for simplicity every day. In our daily work, we ask ”How can we make this simpler?” or “What will be simplest for someone to use?”

Flexibility supports creativity and innovation. We stay open to improving our processes or adapting our approach to match our accumulated knowledge. We are not constrained by thinking “that’s just the way we do things”. In our work this lets us support our client partners’ growth. Internally, we ask “what are our options?” We ask client partners “are you open to doing this another way?”

Communication is received best when it’s thoughtful. We communicate with respect and consideration, from a place of calm. Thoughtful communication lets us work in harmony. We practice communicating clearly and thoughtfully in email, on the phone and in person.

Knowledge is not a tightly guarded secret here. We share our thought processes with our internal team every day. We explain our solutions with our client partners in every interaction. We support our community by publishing tutorials, contributing to forums and mentoring budding designers and developers. We grow our wisdom when we share what we know.

Great work isn’t done in a silo. Great work is accomplished with a team supporting each others’ hard skills and soft skills. Being a team means finding a better solution together. Our client partners are part of our team too. We provide the best outcomes when we work together.

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