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Red Puppy Web Design

Success is measured by positive experiences, not the bottom line.

Prescott AZ

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We believe business success emerges from focusing on what you do best. At Red Puppy, what we do best is build beautiful, optimized websites while giving you the best customer experience along the way. Success is measured by positive experiences, not the bottom line. Relationships are our gold standard, and delivering quality service and support drives every project we do.

We take pride in our work; and we never ever want to sacrifice quality. We prioritize quality of our output over quantity of projects we take on. We surround ourselves with smart and passionate clients who nourish our mind and soul. Our strength has evolved from a commitment to over-deliver and provide exceptional client experiences as well as a high quality product.

A visually appealing site conveys competence to potential customers, giving you an advantage over your competition. Every one of our websites displays beautifully on desktop, tablet and mobile so each of your visitors gets the best usability experience. We’re not just website designers. We are goal-oriented content managers and marketers. Do you want people to pick up the phone, fill out a contact form or visit your location? We integrate calls-to-action and create a thoughtful architecture of information on your site to help you meet your business objectives.

We understand what is required to achieve and maintain a high position within the natural search engine rankings, and we’ve helped clients improve their Google search rank using ethical, SEO best practices.

Website optimization includes processes such as injecting relevant keywords and phrases throughout your content, adding relevant tags, and optimizing page speed and other components of your website with the goal of improving your overall search engine ranking.

It does take time for a new or changed site to get appropriately ranked. Remember, no one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google, so be wary of those that make this claim. We build features into every website to keep it safe from hackers. We also offer a maintenance package that includes software updates to help protect your website from threats and backups so your website can be restored if necessary.

Red Puppy Web Design
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