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RI Multimedia LLC

Rhode Island Multimedia is a full service professional Rhode Island video production company

Smithfield RI

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You can always try and learn how to be a video producer, video editor and video publisher. It takes years to master the art of video production and do it well. The real question you need to ask yourself is whether you want to learn a new trade and have the time, desire and energy to learn how to do it all yourself? You could learn how to fix your car when it breaks down, you can also learn how to fix your furnace when you have no heat. At the same time you could learn how to repair your roof, plumbing and house wiring. You can of course learn to do all this on your own. Otherwise, you can focus on what you do best, which is run your practice or business and serve your clients or customers to the best of your ability. That’s why you should engage Rhode Island Multimedia. We have over a dozen years of experience in on-line video marketing.

I have a friend or relative who shoots video for fun. Isn’t that enough to make a video for my business?

Almost everyone owns a video camera and can upload a video to YouTube or Facebook. Professional video requires a full array of processes ranging from a professional video shoot using professional equipment, proper lighting, editing, scripting, graphics and music. You have to ask yourself, can the local kid down the street, a high school student or a relative with video as a hobby give you a professional presentation that will reflect a positive image of your business or practice? Shooting amateur video today is cheap and easy, buy a video camera at Walmart, place it on a tripod and press the record button.

What’s not so easy is making sure that the video is shot in high definition, the quality is excellent, the audio is crystal clear, and the lighting is professional. Then you’ve got to create a meaningful message, the video has to be interesting. When producing your video we gather your information and then write the script, shoot the video, edit the video and upload it to YouTube and Facebook and then embed it into your website. After the videos are edited and before uploading to your YouTube channel they have to be optimized so that search engines like Google can rank them in a favorable position. Search engines recognize your content by the creation of a meaningful headline, an interesting description, relevant keywords and a riveting thumbnail.


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