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Ripcord Design LLC

We're the perfect solution for small, busy financial firms

Boston MA

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If you’re like a lot of firms, you’ve been putting off redesigning your website for years. And while cost is certainly a factor (but it really shouldn’t be – we explain why here), it often isn’t as much of a concern as the confusing process and time commitment involved.

If you’ve looked around, you’ve noticed that there are typically two options:

1. You can spend time building your own website from a DIY template builder.
2. You can engage a web design agency in a months-long development process.

Those are both bad options – because they require way too much of your time and energy. It’s no wonder so many financial firms go years without updating their website.

We’re the perfect solution for small, busy financial firms that simply want to look more professional. We don’t ask you to spend your time becoming a part-time web designer – you’ll leave that to us. And we don’t need months of your time going over content strategy and marketing whiteboards.

We work clearly and efficiently, building you a beautiful custom website around your messaging in just a few weeks. It’s that simple.
15 years in business

We’ve been in business longer than Facebook and YouTube. We once owned car phones that came with their own briefcase. Point is, we’ve seen a lot of technology come and go, from the dot-com bubble to mobile-responsive design. We know what elements are timeless, and which tend to be passing fads.

More importantly, we know what makes a website effective. We know what your website visitors want to see because we’ve seen what works. We’ve been refining our approach for nearly as long as the web has been around, and we’re experts at delivering it.

We respect your time

Our process is clear and efficient, refined over 15 years working with a wide range of clients and organizations. Clients often say they enjoy working with us in large part because of our refreshingly clear and straightforward approach.

One phone call

Thirty minutes over the phone is all it takes to get a good sense of your needs, preferences, and ‘must-haves’ for a website redesign. Once we’re on the same page, we capture the project cost and scope for you in a clear proposal.

Two reviews

Two reviews at the right times is all it takes. We create a new home page and sub-page to show you how your new website will look. You’ll offer feedback, and we tweak it until you love it. That’s the first review point. Next we add your content, which we help you optimize to make sure it’s user-friendly. Once the content is in place, the second review point is a review of the website as a whole, to make sure it looks and works the way you want.

Three weeks

The third week is when we get into optimization and QA checks in anticipation of going live. You’ll give the website a final look and we’ll go live after making any last minute tweaks. And that’s it, your beautiful new responsive, competition-crushing, client-attracting website will be ready to show off.


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