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Troubadour Designs

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Great design studios don’t happen overnight.
OK, sometimes they do, but this one didn’t. It took 25 years for the dream to become a reality. Those years were spent working in almost every facet of the design field. From typography and photography in Santa Barbara, to marketing, logo design, corporate identity and design in Sacramento.

To product design, merchandising solutions and e-commerce in wonderful Kansas City, to more publication design, project management and implementing direct mail campaigns in Omaha. It has taken a lot of years and a wide variety of experiences to build the foundation upon which the Troubadour Design Studio was created. Woohoo!

When you are choosing a name for your design firm, and your last name is Trouba, certain options tend to stand out. However, the name Troubadour had other relevant and philosophical qualifications as well.

First, the historical significance. Troubadours were poet-musicians in central and southern Europe in the 11th to 13th centuries. The tradition of a traveling musician communicating the news of the day through music and stories is carried on to this day with Troubadours now taking the stage in concert halls and clubs, pubs and late night talk shows. I strive to bring that same spirit of art, humor and communication to my work.

Troubadour Designs
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