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Our holistic approach when creating your website integrates a search engine and SEO-friendly web development that can help your business be found by those searching for your products. Search-engine ready website design means building your website to rank well with search engines up-front with clean code and all tags, titles, and descriptions completed as we build your site. No Gimmicks – just done correctly at the start by Vivid Software Solutions web development San Diego CA.

By definition Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of editing a website’s code and creating content to create authority and relevancy for keywords in order to increase organic search engine traffic to your website.

Having a thorough and well-researched SEO strategy can assist your website in climbing to the top of SERPs and ranking for targeted keywords. This eventual ranking will, in turn, lead to a valuable source of traffic and website conversions. Increased traffic = increased sales.

But, it’s not as simple as it may seem, search engine algorithms and best practices are constantly changing as the industry evolves. It is difficult for novices and professionals unless it’s the core of their business to keep up with the changes and updates. SEO is meant to be an extension of a marketing and web strategy and it’s important for businesses to reap the benefits of the strategy, which is why hiring a professional SEO agency is ideal for maximum ROI.

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