Content Marketing Writer’s Block? Easy Solution…

If you’re into content marketing for seo sometimes you just run out of things to say.  The amount of content that is expected from you makes it all but impossible that it won’t happen to you eventually.  I’ve heard two great pieces of advice to tell you, because if I need the reminder of how to get through it, I’m sure this reminder will help someone else.

  1. Promote and/or rewrite old content.
  2. Document instead of create.

Promote / Rewrite Old Content

Old content isn’t necessarily bad content.  A fresh look and even just posting some new links to some old content can help you get through a day or two of content marketing. It might even give you some ideas for a new article and help with that inter-page linking that is so great for SEO.

Document Instead of Create

It’s hard to come up with content ideas, and it’s hard to make them great and fresh.  Often you’ll find that whatever idea you come up with, at least one of the 8 billion+ people on this planet have come up with something very similar if not exactly the same. Instead of creating… document.

This article you’re reading right now, is an example of just such a process.  I was experiencing some writer’s block.  Found a way to get past it (eg. I’m documenting it) and wrote this and a few other articles the same day.

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