The Fastest SEO Results Ever

Have you noticed anything weird about Google lately?  It’s hard to pick up, unless you’re already looking for it, but it’s interesting to say the least.   This could be an exaggeration (but probably isn’t)… apparently Google is monitoring the internet in real time.

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It started a few months back, when we noticed we were seeing more and more articles that were posted just minutes before at the top of the results when we ran searches on some long tail keywords. We ran a test to find out why we were catching glimpses of this lightning fast indexing and how we might reproduce it.   It took quite a while to find the right article to do a test with because we knew it had to be something late breaking, that we should be one of the first to post about it, and that it should be worth sharing (and worth it for users to re-share or up vote) on social networks.

We have a small subscriber base so it’s not like we can just rely on our 10,000,000 subscribers to spread anything we post.  That’s why this is a great lesson for small businesses that aren’t social butterflies who like to focus on their business instead of content marketing, (might also be a good lesson for seo companies who want to get some fast results for their clients).

Luck Favors the Prepared

As we were doing some updates to a pro bono website we manage, we got a message about Google Sites ReLaunch, and quickly clicked through to try it out.  Knowing that it had to be a recent launch, and that we could be one of the first to post about it, we quickly used it and wrote a first impression review of the new system.  We then went and sprinkled some social media links to the article around the internet.

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Roughly 8 minutes after the social media links were posted, we remembered that we had been waiting for a chance to explore that real time indexing that Google has been doing.  Sure enough, when we ran a search for a keyword similar to the article title, we found the article we had just published just minutes earlier — on the first page!

New Google Sites Launched Google Search

Sure it wasn’t #1, but showing up at spot #10, on the first page in less than 10 minutes!  How cool is that!!!!

How do you as a business owner or an SEO company take advantage of this?

Well it comes down to a little bit or training and the right seo tools.  You simply have to have a little reminder that goes off in the back of your head, as you’re going through your daily grind and you run into something new or interesting.  If you find something worth reading or worth trying out, chances are that someone else will too.  Other than that, it doesn’t get much easier, as far as content marketing goes.

  1. Post about it, on your own site – fast.  It doesn’t have to be crazy in-depth, but it should have a fresh perspective and be high quality.
  2. Post it to a online forum in your niche that is in Google’s “Real Time Index” (did I coin that term, just now?).
  3. Get back to work, and find something else interesting to post about.

The average person would probably drop a quick tweet or Facebook post about it and forget it. The savvy internet marketer knows not to give all of their value away by promoting Facebook or Twitter.  If you’re going to make the effort to create content, you should at least get that content and the subsequent “authority juice” (did I coin that term too?) on your website.