Getting Twitter Followers is Easy. If You Know This Trick

Most times when you look into how to go about getting followers on social media you’ll probably hear a lot of talk about how you need to make high quality, valuable content to post.  I’m here to say that’s not true.

Not only is it not true, but the idea that you could put out enough high quality content to attract 1,000, 10,000 or 100,000 followers to a new Twitter account is just a fantasy.  How would they even know you put up that high quality content in the first place?  Plus, you’re probably not an investigative journalist, or a data analyst who can put 100’s of hours into a single article, or infographic.  When someone says, “high quality” or “valuable” those journalists and analysts are exactly who you’re competing and being compared against.

You need followers to get followers.

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Like most business models, there is this thing called “critical mass”, where the size of the network needs to reach a certain (undefined) point to become a self feeding loop, where the more you have the more you get.  (Because lots of followers means, lots of likes, and retweets)

To reach that critical mass, there is an easier way, and it’s so much easier than putting 20 hours of research, 10 hours of writing time into what may or may not be a viral master piece… just follow people and be interested in them.  They will return the favor.

Credit Where Credit is Due

Following people is not exactly fast and easy either, well it wasn’t until I met A Smart Lad (@ Going through the grind of finding good accounts, and clicking “follow” on Twitter is very time consuming.  Then I got bold and asked one of the people who followed us back, how they got so many followers (note, I offered to write an article that mentions him as an enticement to get a response, but there is no financial relationship with them).

He gave us some valuable information, and this article is passing it on to you.  He uses “Tweepi“, and now we do to, (full disclosure, we have no relationship with Tweepi at all).

We find high quality Twitter users, and follow them much faster than we could have previously.  Instead of 1 or 2 new followers a day we can get up to 50 a day, even on brand new never even tweeted before accounts.

IMPORTANT NOTE : This doesn’t mean that you don’t need to create content, (but average quality is fine).  If you do nothing but spam the follow button, it would all be for nothing anyway.  But if you use this as your foot in the door, and then create good content once you’re in, then you can make something out of all that work you put into it.

P.S.  Almost forgot to ask… you read all this info about followers, you might as well follow us 🙂