Latest Rage in SEO – Featured Snippets

We subscribe to a lot of industry newsletters around here. One thing we notice as of late, is that in the search engine world there is a lot of buzz around Featured Snippets right now.

What is a Featured Snippet?


What is a Featured Snippet for?

When you ask Google a question, it is now attempting to answer it directly on it’s own site by pulling information from your site and displaying it to the user immediately.

Honestly, at first glance we thought that Google was trying to stealing content to keep users and stop them from leaving “”. Turns out, these featured snippets drive more traffic and are a way for sites that aren’t listed #1 in the results to be propelled to the top (because the snippet can come from any site that is indexed and often comes from sites listed in position 3 or lower).

So the question becomes how to get your website to utilize and be the Featured Snippet provider? Well there is no reason for us to reinvent the wheel here, because some great research was done over at Check it out here.