Starting a Business from Home is Just Plain Lonely

Here is some hard truth for you… if you want to be successful in business you have to be willing to do things other people aren’t willing to do.

Everyone trying to sell you stuff is going to tell you, “it’s easy”, “we have a simple X step plan”, but even if they have a great product that really helps, what they’re not telling you is no matter how easy their product is, being an entrepreneur is hard!

If starting a business were easy, would you even want to do it 🙂

Entrepreneurship is a Lonely Business

Being willing to do what other people aren’t willing to do, by definition, means you’ll often be working by yourself.  So the question becomes, is the reward going to be worth it?  Well for that we have to ask, what are your prime motivators? Wealth, recognition, building, legacy, freedom?  Your personality type can make loneliness tougher than it is for others, just be prepared for it, and know yourself to know if it will be worth it.

  • Wealth?
    You’ll be surprisingly okay with being lonely.
  • Recognition?
    You will have a tough time with being lonely.
  • Building?
    You will be the absolute best at being lonely (you might even prefer it)!
  • Legacy?
    You need friends to have power, you will not be lonely.
  • Freedom?
    You want wealth to be free, loneliness will be tough on you.

It’s tough, but you will get through it.

  • Workout, seriously workout.  Stress reducer, and you might make an unexpected friend.
  • Have a hobby, that is done with a group.
    • Do something more than the superficial network marketing by providing value to others.
    • Making real connections, requires getting out of your comfort zone.  Which is easy to say, much harder to do – like everything in life.
  • Break up your work and personal life.
    • Working from home is like never leaving work, and you have to find a way to separate the two.
  • Beat down distractions like crazy.
    • Being by yourself makes distracting yourself easier, and impeding your success with distractions is going to be a negative feedback loop keeping you away from achieving the success that will get you past the lonelier startup days.

The good news…

Once you have some success the loneliness will get to be less because you’ll be too damn busy to think about it. With success you’ll also be forced to take on help, because you cannot be a one person army and scale. You will eventually need to find people and bring them closer and closer to you to grow your business outside of the home. Keep up the fight, stay relentless in your pursuit.  There is no quick fix, but the rewards will be worth it, and more importantly the rewards WILL come if you have a never quit attitude.

I’d like to add a little clarification caveat here – never quit doesn’t mean – never pivot or change.  Not every business is successful, but every failure brings you closer to success.  Really quitting is not an option anyway, only changing is.

What is your story? Do you have any feedback for how to startup and get past the days of relentless determination in the face of no progress? Leave a comment and we can start a conversation about writing an article about your company.