If You Were a Web Design Company?

Let’s just put ourselves in the place of a web design company of today.  Facing stiffer competition, facing more automated tools your clients can turn to, facing more and more claims that businesses can do it without you.  How do you survive?  Or better yet how do you thrive?

Some of the best web design companies, or you might say the smartest continue to innovate ways to stand out from the competition. The great ones understand that a website isn’t the end, but is the means to an end.  They understand that the true goal of a website is to attract and convert.   They understand that you can’t focus on just one of those because one without the other is a waste.

Take Webimax for example, and their outstanding focus on Lead Generation.   So much so that they even run a separate company called LeadGeneration.com.  With that kind of focus you can just tell that they get it.  Probably a reason that they consistently rank high in our reviews of the top web marketing agencies 🙂

If you’re a business owner it’s easy to get caught up in ideas like, “does my site look good”, “do I list all 1,000 benefits of my product”, “do I list all 200 testimonials” (sure that could be an exaggeration, but the point remains).  It can be hard to change your focus to be 100% geared towards attraction and conversion, but if your goal is to make your website a serious money generator then do the right thing and start a/b split testing your pages and your ads.  It will reap you so many benefits we’ll need to start another blog post to cover them.  It’s not the prettiest site that wins, it’s not the most informational, it’s the one that causes visitors to take action.