Web Design Vs. Web Development

The line betweeen web design and web development is one that is often so blurry, it confuses people a lot. The truth, however, is very far from just a blurred line because there are actually very clear differences between the two.

Web design includes all the pages and elements on them that people see. From the colours, to the small lines, to the fonts, to how the overall website looks like. All is made to offer an exceptional visual experience to the user, so as to attract audience and keep them interested in the website.

Web development on the other hand, is the key procedure that completes web design, since it includes every code needed for a websote to be as smooth and functional as possible. The basic work of a web developer results in a lightweight, responsive website that makes it easy for the user to navigate through its functions.

A web designer and a web developer, both have the ability to either code or design, but each one has their own focus. If you want the best for your website, you should have different people for developing and designing a site that covers all your needs.