Does Your Web Firm Care About Speed This Much?

Recently found this great article, “Why Our Website is Faster Than Yours“, from a web development company that really cares about the speed of your website.  Why does speed matter?  Because who cares how great your website is, if no one bothers waiting around to see it finish loading?  The faster your site loads the more response you’ll get from it – we all know we live in a society of instant gratification anyhow, right?

Good content, layout, images, and interactivity are essential for engaging your audience, but each of these elements have impact on page load time and the end-user experience. In every step we looked at how we could get a nice user experience and design while having minimum impact on performance.

We just love that kind of philosophy and attention to detail.  It’s easy to imagine showing up in our rankings sometime soon with a philosophy like that.