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We connect businesses with web design firms that get the job done. We do this by personally researching, testing, and reviewing their work.

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These are your hand picked, killer Locality United_states Annapolis businesses manually tested and researched for high quality and timely services. When only the best will do, find the perfect fit for your project by connecting with the providers in our curated list of top companies. Companies found by industry experts to be leaders in this area of specialization.

# 1

Meridian Design Group

Collectively, Merisign is a group of creative like-minded professionals that are dedicated to delivering beautiful and functional apps, websites, print designs—Pretty simple, right? Most will attest firsthand that it’s really not. We’ve built our reputation on delivering world-class service while keeping our process focused and simple. We love working with local businesses in our hometown of Annapolis, Maryland, and always welcome new relationships across the country.

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# 2

Workable Web Solutions, LLC

Workable Web Solutions conceives, designs and builds websites that are informative, creative and valuable to website users and owners. We design for people. We make sure that your point comes across clearly to your audience. We want your website to be engaging and interesting, creative and honest — and to the point. In addition to developing your content, we design and build your website. We understand marketing, creative communication and responsive web design. Workable Web Solutions’ experts are also available for consulting on website usability, evaluation of the words and pictures of your content, overall design, and technical issues for small, medium and large projects. It takes a lot of thinking and hard work to make things that are simple and work well. But that's what we do. We conceive, write and edit persuasive material that means something to people as well as search engines. We begin by trying to figure out the questions that your audience will be asking you – together we develop a strategy for the content of your website.

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# 3

Maggio Web Advertising, LLC

More important is that your site functions and has purpose. When someone visits your website youwant that visitor to do something. Buy something, call for an estimate, subscribe to your blog or create an account for updates. Some sites even have primary and secondary goals. Even if your visitor does not complete the primary goal (for example buy now or request an estimate), you want them to complete a secondary goal (for example subscribe to your updates, or become a part of your mailing list) before they leave your site. When designing a site for a client we make sure that certain goals are addressed and a call to action is in place to convert those goals. Even if it is just to capture an email address or encourage a repeat visit for further information. You dont want to waste visitors, not even

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# 4

Daylight Websites

We create high-quality websites and blogs using Wordpress architecture - with a 24 hr delivery option! We’re really all about you. We practice transparency and ethical pricing to empower you to take control of your presence online. WordPress is our medium because it’s user-friendly and delectable to search engines. Facebook is our friend because it fosters community. We’ve seen, administered, and even developed websites costing upwards of $20,000. The technology has changed since then, even though some web design houses have not. Experience the Daylight Websites development transparency on FacebookWe assemble teams on a project-by-project basis from our cadre of experienced independent professionals. Individually we are some of the most gifted web technologists in the area. As a team, we border on the extraordinary! Get to know us on Facebook, you can view the rushes each day. Within this JIT (just-in-time) framework we are able to flex and move comfortably and inexpensively in this new paradigm. So we can pass some savings on to you.

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# 5

Blulo, Inc

Blulo does not extend it's performance guarantee to every business. In fact, Blulo only guarantees 1st page results on Google to clients where the opportunity to create 1st page ranking is undeniable. For each unique competitive marketing, a Blulo SEO specialist performs indepth keyword research and a detailed competitive analysis to determine if there is an opportunity to create 1st page ranking. Blulo knows online marketing has become far too complicated for one person to tackle alone and that businesses working with a boutique designer, an SEO guru, or someone managing social updates are not likely to capitalize and create online success. Even more so, businesses purchasing gimmick solutions offered at $15, $50, or even $100 a month are less likely to create success. Blulo offers exclusive partnerships through our C3 management program. We work with no more than 3 clients in each competitive market and typically contract into fully-exclusive partnerships. Many times, businesses don't realize that the SEO company they are working with is also doing optimization work for their direct competition and minimizing their competitive edge.

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# 6

Pomerantz Marketing

What happens when a free-spirited, creative soul has the ability to naturally grasp complex business concepts, synthesize them into plain English and clearly define a plan of action for achieving goals? You get Pomerantz Marketing, the creation of our founder, Kathy Floam-Greenspan. After working in the agency world successfully managing several tech accounts (and doing a short stint in Key West to “find herself”), Kathy settled in Annapolis, Maryland in the midst of the tech boom. She decided to capitalize on her natural ability to distill technical products and services into something clear and compelling and started her own agency. The agency grew from her cottage, to her condo, to an office in the heart of Annapolis. Over 15 years later, Pomerantz has evolved into a highly regarded B2B marketing agency that supports the marketing efforts of regional, national and global companies in a wide range of industries including technology, construction and channel marketing. We also serve as the marketing engine for select small to mid-size companies that embrace marketing but don’t want to staff up. Pomerantz’s seasoned team of B2B marketing specialists is business savvy, strategic, creative, analytical and technically adept. We bring to the table all of the talent needed to market effectively in today’s world with web and analytics at the heart of it all so everything can be monitored and measured. We have architected, designed and developed hundreds of websites — from simple to highly complex with multiple third-party integrations. What our clients love most about us is the very thing that brought us into existence. We have a unique ability to wrap our heads around just about any B2B marketing challenge, cut to the chase, get it done and get results.

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# 7

Ivy Enterprise, LLC

Our Goal is to provide preeminent, but affordable, web design, SEO, and graphic design services for small businesses and entrepreneurial clients. We stand ready to help you amplify your online presence and brand awareness, which translates directly into sales. In our cutthroat market, give your small business a competitive edge with professional creative design services. We have a reliable team of freelance designers, marketers and videographers always on call to work each and every project our clients throw at them; in a timely fashion at unbelievable price. Every business in today’s marketplace lives and dies by its online presence. It’s not even enough to have a simple placeholder site that your brother’s nephew-in-law constructed for you back in 2002. The only way to compete online is to stand out from the crowd and that can only happen with a top-of-the-line custom-built website. Ivy Enterprise, LLC specializes in making sure that your business, its branding, and most importantly, your professional personality shines like a beacon amongst a sea of mediocrity. Serving all areas in and around Philadelphia, Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland, we have been creating innovative, graphically stunning, SEO (search engine optimized) websites since 2011. In addition to our creativity, we pride ourselves on being lightning fast and extremely affordable, which is crucial for start-up small businesses that require the personal touch that a corporation can’t provide. Whatever our client needs, from extensive services to minor touch-ups, Ivy Enterprise is ready to maximize brand messaging. Ivy Enterprise will work one-on-one with you to develop the corporate colors, visuals and content that best represent your brand, as well as hone your company’s image to market effectively to your target demographic.

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# 8

Smart Solutions Web Design, Inc

We are a committed long term partner who works tirelessly for your business and delivers the services and insight needed for long term success. You work tirelessly every day to attract new customers, increase profits and provide better customer service. Smart Solutions designs and builds Magento eCommerce and custom web solutions that work just as hard as you do. We are talented team of web developers and Magento eCommerce experts committed to providing solutions that deliver business results and accelerate sales. Our search engine optimization and digital marketing solutions will drive a steady stream of qualified traffic to your business. Capturity wanted to re-brand their organization and develop a new identity. Smart Solutions developed their WordPress website based on the vision created by one of our agency partners. An easy to use and intuitive administrative interface that allows the Capturity team to create project case studies and associate them to industries and technologies. Access to restricted content is available to authorized customers. Smart Solutions is search engine optimization and digital marketing company in Maryland whose core strengths are web design, architecture and development. Because of this experience, we know exactly how to identify and resolve content, user interface and technical issues that keep your site from reaching its full SEO potential. A poor technical implementation or user experience can have a profound negative impact on your search engine rankings and visitor conversions. You need an SEO partner who understands user conversion strategies and on-site, content and technical optimization.

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# 9

Exclamation Communications, Inc

We are the trusted “go to” creative partner for businesses ranging from startups to organizations over $100M with in-house communications or marketing departments. Crazy GOOD, that is. Our team has been told many, many times over the years, in various ways, that we are the “gem boutique firm that does New York City quality work.” We have top-notch talent and over two decades of experience. We’re also amazingly versatile. We know how to set your organization apart from the crowd, no matter what the latest technology throws at you. We breathe business, and believe that small- to mid-size companies are absolutely critical to the success of our economy. We get excited about anything entrepreneurial — from watching Shark Tank to being a founder of a wildly successful monthly networking event for business owners with LinkAnnapolis. We have created our business with the purpose of helping other businesses to succeed. Even downright splendiferous. In over 20 years, our record for accuracy, budget, and hitting the deadline has ranged between 97.5% and 100% for every project we deliver. Talk about a track record!! Whether you have a tradeshow coming up soon or a presentation to your Board, we know it has to be right, on time, and in budget. We take that very seriously, so you can have peace of mind.

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# 10

Wrnr-FM Digital

Your website is a critical tool for your company. It serves as the best means for declaring who you are, and what you do and as a way to attract new visitors. Your website is the hub of your business relationship with your new and existing clients. And as a hub, it must work towards attracting new clients and engaging them with a goal of informing them and converting them to clients. Our goal as your website design management team is to help you design a website that creates an on-line experience for your visitors that is good for them and for your business. Effective website design is a combination of skills from graphic designers, programmers and site managers. Our combined skills enable us to develop sophisticated and elegant website design solutions for our clients. Our experience also includes a knowledge of best practices and programming platforms that enable our websites with Content Management Systems (CMS). The result is a CMS website design that gives the client total control of the content. This feature enables them to change, add, edit or delete as they like. Typo corrections, new services and blogging are easily handled. Combined with our SEO and additional marketing services, our clients get a full-service effort that delivers a smart design with a capable and productive marketing strategy.

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