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Fair Oaks, CA     Ecommerce Specialist, Pay Per Click Management, Seo Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Design, Web Development, Wordpress Specialist    

Blaze Studios was founded by Andrew Obrigewitsch in 2010. Andrew built his first computer at the age 9 with his father, and his second at the age of 15 to install Windows 95. In the early 2000s Andrew worked installing a proprietary financial system on DOS computers. Andrew worked in graphic design from 2003 to 2009, he has been doing web development since.

Blaze Studios develops top quality websites for small to medium size businesses. All our projects are made with 100% valid code, integrating the latest technologies, including, HTML5, CSS3 and schema markup. We ensure our sites are made in the most efficient way possible, so they load quickly to ensure user retention and satisfaction.