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The Octane Agency

At Octane, our job is to give you the time to focus on what you do best.

Roswell GA

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At Octane, we help you develop the marketing message and strategies to reach new customers and prospects. Consider us your Marketing Department! With some basic consumer research, we help you define and market to your best prospects and customers. We review your product and service mix. And we discuss your sales data, profitability and the methods you employ for customer service and retention.

We also review all the unique ways you bring your products and service to market. What distinguishes you from your competition? What makes your business unique? Why should anyone buy from you? Answering these questions becomes the basis for crafting your message. Because your marketing message is so important, we don’t believe the latest marketing fad is a marketing strategy. Forget all those fly-by-night companies calling you for that “next great advertising opportunity.” We’re not that company – you deserve better.

Our position is that the best approach for reaching your prospects and customers is through a blended marketing approach. Internet marketing may be the best choice for your message at certain times; direct mail may work better at other times. But even better, using multiple marketing channels to send your message typically results in your brand staying “front and center” in the minds of your audience. Our experience is that a blended marketing approach works best.


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