Award Winning Web Design Firms

What’s the difference between “Award Winning Web Design Firms” and the rest?

  1. Design companies that win awards apply for and go after awards.
    There are many places for companies to get awards, but there are thousands upon thousands of web companies that want to earn those awards.  Unfortunately no award can comprehensively review every single web development company in existence. Therefore award companies like ours rely on applications to find companies we don’t know about. Oh btw, submit your firm here.
  2. Winners have client advocates. 
    On every profile page there is a way web design client’s to submit reviews. We also have this full review form here that gets even more detailed.  Getting customers to talk about a web design company, gives us fact based evidence to support the awarding of awards to the top companies from verified purchasers.
  3. Award winners have a great digital footprint. 
    Without giving out all of the details of our proprietary review process, we can say that your digital footprint is important. Is the web design company’s website reflective of their great company (portfolio)?  Does the web design company have a strong presence on social media?  Are there reviews already submitted through other review websites that we can get some ideas from.

Not every web design firm needs to meet every point of review.  We know that sometimes the best companies are not also the best social media promotion companies.  Sometimes the best web design companies are too busy making great designs to spend a lot of time on their own website and own promotion, in fact that could even be a plus – as long as your client’s are raving about you with us. Overall, the best firms do the best work, but the award winning ones have rave reviews.